Top Travel Destinations for Seniors in the U.S

Has it been awhile since you took a break from your everyday life? Have vacations and adventures become more scarce with age? Well take our advice and don’t leave all the fun to the youngsters. 

Now more than ever, it’s important to take advantage of your free time and do the things that you’ve always wanted to do and see the things you’ve always wanted to see – and some of those things might be closer than you think! 

We’re lucky to live in a country with an array of different terrains, climates, and cultures. One could spend their lifetime exploring America’s vivacious cities, charming towns, and wild outdoors. While there’s much to offer throughout the country, several areas are sometimes overlooked. So, if you’re not quite sure where to start, here are our recommendations for the best US travel destinations for seniors.

There’s plenty to explore here at home…


Arizona is jam-packed with natural anomalies, upbeat cities, and quaint towns. If you’re looking for a more adventurous experience, drive out to the Grand Canyon and snap a picture on the Skywalk Bridge, pass through Monument Valley to get a glimpse of the orange sand dunes and rock formations, or stay in Phoenix to enjoy top-rate restaurants, a bustling city center, and plenty of hiking and biking trails. 

If you’re more interested in a lowkey vacation, Arizona also has a softer side. Drive down to south Arizona and visit Sedona, a desert town surrounded by captivating nature views. Escape into the serene calm of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area or experience some western history in the old mining town of Jerome. 

From vast natural scenes to ghost towns and sprawling cities, it is clear that Arizona has it all.


For a more immersive nature experience with a small town feel, consider visiting America’s largest state, Alaska. Alaska, often forgotten or passed over for closer destinations, is pervaded by the vast outdoors with miles of untouched land. 
To avoid the chill of Alaskan winter, plan your visit between June and August, the state’s warmest time of year. Visit the Tracy Arm Fjord for a gorgeous, glacier-edged view, check out the thriving wildlife in Denali National Park, venture up to the Iditarod National Historic Trail to watch the snow dogs race, or stay in Fairbanks for the best sightings of the aurora borealis. If you want a nature-filled experience, put Alaska at the top of your travel list.

Key West

While there are thousands of reasons why Alaska might be the perfect destination for you, it’s totally fair if you’re more of a beach bum than a mountaineer. Key West has been a long time favorite of senior travelers and there are so many reasons why. 

For starters, it’s easy! Visit between March-May and experience blissful temperatures that stay within 70-80 degrees – no sweaters, coats, or hiking boots needed. Spend your days on the white beaches and cool off  in the crystal clear water, stroll down Duval Street to weigh your options of restaurants, shops, and world famous attractions, or get off land for a bit with a kayaking tour, snorkeling excursion, or sunset boat charter. If you have a need for a bit more nature, visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory to experience 50-60 different species of beautiful winged creatures. You can never go wrong with a beachside vacation. 

Savannah, GA

If your picture perfect vacation simply means some good, old-fashioned southern comfort, you must visit Savannah, Georgia. Savannah’s old town charm might be just what you need to relax, recharge, and return home with a new sense of appreciation for life. 

Pop into any of the antique shops on and around Bull street, enjoy a hot coffee near the Forsyth Park Fountain, dive into some Savannah history with a laidback trolley tour, or walk the 100+ acres of the famous Bonaventure Cemetery. Savannah also offers your favorite southern eats with its multitude of comfort food restaurants and is home to 6 successful breweries. Stop by one of these locations for a frothy, craft beer. 

Greenport, Long Island, NY

If beer really isn’t your drink of choice and you typically prefer a glass of wine, take a weekend trip out to Greenport, Long Island. This hidden gem of a town is not only sprawling with wineries and wine tours but is also filled with history that dates back to the 1600s. You can learn all about Greenport’s history at the East End Seaport Museum or read about it at the Floyd Memorial Library. You can also soak up some culture at the various boutiques, art galleries, and food markets  in the town center and at night, enjoy a quiet and romantic dinner at one of the many trendy restaurants. 

Greenport might not have been on your travel wish list but there’s every reason to add it to the top.  

Traveling can seem daunting, especially later in life, and if going abroad seems too overwhelming and costly, there’s no reason why you can’t have an equally satisfying experience here at home. The US has plenty of destinations that offer completely different experiences and are just waiting to be explored. So what are you waiting for? Book your next adventure. 

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