Dating in Your Golden Years

Dating can be an intimidating prospect at any age. However, if you’re thinking about dating later in life, it can become that much more daunting. These days, the dating world is dominated by apps, online groups, and virtual meetups – it’s become rare to meet someone organically like in the good ole’ days. 

While the dating world won’t slow down anytime soon, don’t get discouraged about finding the right partner for you. Here are some tips for seniors on how to successfully navigate dating in the 21st century.

Get out there

Let’s face it, you won’t find the love of your life by hopelessly staring out the window and waiting for him to climb up your front steps. Finding the one will require you to be social and even if you’re not necessarily looking for a partner, studies have shown that regular outings and social events are known to reduce stress and the risk of physical health issues. 

Plan a monthly dinner with your friends, attend the theater, take a daily stroll in your favorite park, or join a senior social group – whatever you do, making yourself accessible to the outside world and those around you will increase your chances of meeting someone you click with. 

Don’t Swear Off Technology 

No matter how much you might resent the fast-paced world we live in today, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s only going to keep speeding up. Do yourself a favor and give in to the technological advancements; but also realize that if you’re not 100% comfortable with it, that’s ok!

There are countless sites and apps that have been developed to help people find their true love – some are even specifically for seniors. Sites like Our Time, eHarmony, and Silver Singles, have been applauded for their high success rates in matching seniors. 

Dating sites are one of the top ways to meet new love interests but it’s also important to keep safety in mind. Before meeting up in person, try to facetime your date or at least speak to them over the phone so you get a good feel for their personality and your connection. When you do finally decide to meet in person, make sure to meet in a more public place like a restaurant or museum. 

Join in! 

If online dating doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t fret! Senior groups and activities are a great way to meet new people – maybe even a new love. Perhaps there is a particular hobby you’ve been wanting to try like yoga, pottery, or gardening – sign up for a yoga class at your local studio or join a community garden. Maybe you no longer work and want to spend your free time helping people – go ahead and volunteer at a nearby soup kitchen. If you’re going through a hard time and in need of some additional support, find a support group on Facebook or do an online search for one in your area.  No matter how you get together with others, make it happen – you might just find someone with similar interests, passions, or baggage as you. 

An Oldie but a Goody

If senior meet-ups aren’t direct enough for you, why not just get straight to the point and sign up for a senior singles event. In the dating world, speed dating is considered an oldie but a goody, and in some cases, has been quite successful. 

The great thing about speed dating events is that everyone is there for the same reason – to meet someone! There’s no pressure to find out if someone is romantically available and the quick-paced chats create a more efficient environment for people to get to know each other. It can also be a lot of fun. 

If you attend a senior speed dating event, make sure to do the following: 1) look your best – just because you’ll be engaging in 5-minute conversations doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress to impress; 2) smile – smiling can make others feel more comfortable in your presence and even if you only have a short time to get to know someone, they’ll definitely remember your friendly and positive disposition; and 3) stay present – ask questions, answer thoughtfully, and look your date in the eye during your conversation. It’s hard to form a connection if you’re looking down!

Cruising along

If you’re in need of a vacation and some love in your life, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by going on a senior singles cruise. On singles cruises, you immerse yourself in a space that is all about finding your next great love while also relaxing and tending to your own self-care. 

Whether you’re voyage down to the Caribbean or up a European river, singles cruises are known for their romantic atmospheres featuring lavish dinners, relaxing cruise decks, exciting game nights, dance lessons, and more. With so much to do, how could you not meet someone that suits your fancy? 

Whether you’re 20, 40, or 60, there’s no reason to feel like you can’t meet your soulmate. Dating takes time and effort, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a negative experience. Take these tips and make dating fun again – your next great love is waiting for you.

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