5 Best International Destinations for Seniors

Were you a world traveler once upon a time? Do you miss the days where you were constantly exploring new cultures, cities, cuisines, and landscapes? We certainly don’t blame you. Travel, especially international travel, is often seen as a young activity – for individuals without children, grandchildren, and “serious” careers. However, this is a common misconception. There’s no reason why seniors should feel like their time for adventure is behind them. In fact, there is no better time to get back into international travel – especially if you’re retired. If you’re looking for your next faraway destination, we have some great suggestions for travelers over 65.

Turks and Caicos

Complete relaxation, calm and crystal-clear waters, white beaches, lavish accommodations, and good eats – sounds nice, right? Turks and Caicos is one of the top destinations for a seamlessly serene vacation. Not only do you have your pick of some of the most accommodating and high-rated resorts in the Caribbean, but you’ll also experience the perks of the senior discount for your stay, car rental, and tourist excursions. While Turks and Caicos is mostly a beach destination, you can also sign up for snorkeling, island hopping, sunset boat charters, and ocean-view dinners. Another great perk of this island is that you get the balmy tropical weather without the creepy-crawly wildlife – no spiders or flying cockroaches to ruin the mood. All you need is some good bug spray and you’re set!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Parlez-vous Français? We’ll there is no reason to cross the Atlantic because Montreal is closer and a great travel destination for seniors. As one of Canada’s largest cities, there is plenty to do and plenty to see. Known for its gorgeous architecture, flourishing parks, frequent festivals, winter fun, and diverse cuisine, Montreal is a great choice for a winter, spring, summer, or fall vacation. In addition to the senior discounts that you’ll receive for your accommodations, you’ll also notice that senior discounts are offered throughout the city at theaters, museums, and other tourist attackers so don’t hesitate to buy some tickets and explore the culture.

Rome, Italy

Is your ideal vacation filled with historic landmarks, a thriving culture, and lots and lots of pasta? One word, Roma. Rome, Italy is your ideal destination because it has all a sprawling city can offer – history, museums, theater, parks, shopping, and yummy food on every corner. Stroll through Villa Borghese, people-watch in Piazza del Popolo, stay in Centro Storico, or visit the Colosseum for a mind-blowing view of Rome’s ancient past. You won’t regret one minute spent in this gorgeous city and you certainly won’t regret the calories either.

Cusco and Machu Pichu, Peru

For seniors who want a mix of city and nature, there are tons of destinations to consider. However, not many offer the historic charm and breathtaking views of Peru. While there is so much to see in this amazing country, we highly recommend a quaint stay in the city of Cusco for an immersive and cultural experience. There are plenty of cathedrals and museums to visit, and lots of good and authentic restaurants. The best part about Cusco is that it’s the closest city to Machu Pichu and offers plenty of tour packages that include a day trip to the ancient Incan citadel. Peru is definitely a destination for more active seniors who enjoy adventure and physical activity. If this sounds like you, put Peru at the top of your travel list.

South Africa

If you aren’t intimidated by distance and looking for a destination that has it all, look to South Africa. South Africa could be considered the ideal destination as it offers gorgeous beaches, balmy weather, easy transport, wildlife, and delicious food, and the best part about it is that it’s very affordable! Enjoy your senior discount at most tourist hubs and receive an itinerary perfectly crafted to your interests. Are you interested in seeing the big cats? Go on Safari. Do you want to catch a view from above? Ride the cable car up and down Table Mountain. There’s too much to do and see in this country that you’ll only want to go back for more.

Traveling the world doesn’t have to be for the young. Set your sights on a far-off destination and start planning your itinerary!

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