9 Exercises Proven To Keep Seniors In Great Shape

According to new studies, physical abilities start to wane by age 50. By the time both men and women reach this age, difficulty in standing on one leg and standing from a chair is evident. Moreover, declines in walking speed and endurance start to show at age 60. For cognitive functions, very little change is experienced until 50 years of age. The decline in cognition generally accelerates during the late seventies.

But these are generalizations may not apply to everybody else. The power is within your hands to change your fate and one of the best ways to prevent physical and cognitive decline is through exercise. Yes. You can actually live through old life without having to go through all those health issues affecting seniors by clinging to the basics. Regular exercise, proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and quality sleep can determine an enjoyable and active senior life.

Here are 9 exercises that are proven to keep seniors in great shape:

Brisk Walking

According to Hippocrates, walking is man’s best medicine. With all the benefits that you can get from walking, this can be true. Walking is a low-impact activity that can burn calories that result in fat-burning and weight loss. Moreover, walking can improve heart health, immunity, energy, mood, and creative thinking. It also eases joint pain, lowers blood sugar, and tones your muscles. With regular brisk walking, you can be ensured of a quality senior life ahead of you.


Swimming is a relaxing form of exercise. But do you know you may burn more calories with swimming than any exercise that you do regularly? This is because with swimming, water provides resistance which means you have to exert more effort when you move. With regular swimming, seniors can improve their muscle strength, endurance, coordination, balance, posture, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. By helping maintain a healthy weight, it also improves heart and lungs health. Make your senior life that is free from stress by regularly visiting the swimming pool.

Stationary Cycling

Another excellent aerobic exercise for seniors is stationary cycling. This is suitable for seniors who may not have the luxury of time and space for outdoor activities like swimming and walking. It is also nice to have a stationary bike because sometimes the weather may not allow you to go outdoors.

With this low-impact exercise, you can burn fats, lose weight, and improve your cardiovascular fitness with better sleep, maintain blood pressure and blood sugar, strengthen your immune system, and improve your mood. You can also develop muscle strength, particularly in your lower extremities, balance, and endurance. Through regular stationary cycling, seniors can have improved energy throughout the day.


Squats are a dynamic form of exercise. Just like walking, you do not need to have any equipment and you can also do squats with very little space. This seemingly easy exercise has many health benefits and seniors should take advantage of them. Regular squatting can strengthen the core, burn calories, and improve muscle strength. With a senior’s susceptibility to getting injured, a squat is an excellent alternative. All the benefits of regular squatting can undoubtedly keep a senior motivated.


Calisthenics is not only an enjoyable exercise during your younger years, but it can also give you the same satisfaction as you reach older adulthood. These exercises, including push-ups, lunges, and sit-ups use your body weight to get you into the right fitness. They can benefit seniors by helping in weight loss, enhancing sleep, improving heart health, and reducing risks to Type 2 diabetes.


Stretching when done regularly has many health benefits. When seniors do stretching daily, they can improve their posture by loosening tight muscles. The range of motion can also be increased. In contrast, it can decrease muscle soreness and back pain. This exercise is recommended for seniors as they do not cause injury.

Arm Weights

Arm weights do not put seniors at risk as long as the choice of weights is based on the senior’s physical abilities. While it involves weights on both hands, their benefits are not limited there only. They also strengthen the muscles on the shoulders and upper back. It is flexible as it can be done while sitting, lying on the back, and standing. It also helps in burning fats and improving respiration and heart health.


Yoga offers tons of physical and health benefits to seniors and any other age group. It can help improve strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. It aids in pain relief, improves mood and stress levels, and helps you sleep better. And most of all, yoga is excellent for seniors as it promotes self-care.

Tai Chi

This right here may be a low-intensity sport but it comes with endless health benefits, especially for seniors. It helps improve balance and flexibility. It is also good for focus and relaxation.

Indeed, getting the best of old life starts with being healthy. To make sure that seniors have the physical and mental fitness to go through this delicate part of life, it is important that they find the right exercise for them.

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