9 Benefits Of Honey That You Should Know

Honey has always been used for its medicinal properties. The ancient Greeks used honey for pain relief and for treating sore throat while the early Indians used it as an aid to digestion, as well as eye and oral health. Yes. Honey was long recognized as a food and medicine since ancient times. Today, this amazing gift of nature is widely used for its therapeutic benefits which primarily comes from the nutrients found in it that include, fructose and glucose, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. These components of honey provide its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties.

This is great news for seniors who should be taking in healthy foods for being susceptible to many illnesses. It also helps that with completely natural food like honey, some diseases can be cured as a senior’s tolerance to some medications has dipped. Here are 9 benefits of honey that every senior should know:

Weight Loss

Seniors are predisposed to obesity which can result in many other complications. Obesity can also get in the way of mobility and some physical activities that are important for senior’s health. It can be one factor that a senior becomes anti-social and later on develop depression and anxiety.

The ability of honey to aid in the digestion of fats makes it ideal for weight loss. When combined with lemon or cinnamon, it becomes more efficient in burning fats.

Quality Sleep

Generally, seniors may develop sleeping difficulty. This makes them less energetic and moody during the day. If their sleeplessness goes on, even more health problems can arise. While a study was conducted among children, seniors may also get better sleep by alleviating some respiratory problems like a nocturnal cough.

Healthy Sweetener

With its distinct sweet taste, honey is being used as a substitute sweetener in many foods and drinks. With its 69% fructose and glucose content, it is sweet enough like sugar but is way better for one’s overall health.

Energy Booster

There are many reasons why seniors lose their energy. It can be because of sleeplessness or they have some underlying conditions. Honey can very much replenish lost energy. With only one tablespoon, it already contains 64 calories. On the other hand, a tablespoon of sugar contains only 10 calories. Honey has also some carbs in it, this means that they can also be turned into calories by the body.

Memory Enhancer

Seniors are prone to mental conditions like Parkinson’s disease and dementia. One of the most affected is memory. Although a study shows that women in their post-menopausal stage have improved their memory by taking in honey, it can also work for senior men.

Performance Booster

Honey has always been used by athletes to improve their performance. Being a tested ergogenic, honey should also help seniors in the performance of some physical activities like exercise and some chores. With the dwindling physical capabilities, honey should be of great help.

Anticancer Properties

Aging is the greatest risk for cancer. Seniors should be educated on how to spot cancer signs in their bodies. Honey is rich in antioxidants which can fight cancer-causing free radicals in the body. With honey’s anticancer properties, it should be on every senior’s dining table.

Wound Healing Properties

Honey’s anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibiotic, and antimicrobial properties make it a powerful agent for wound healing. With the use of honey, autolytic debridement is possible while deodorizing malodorous wounds. It can also stimulate the healing of dormant wounds.

This can be beneficial for seniors who may experience delayed wound healing because of conditions like diabetes.

Skin and Hair Care

Seniors can have many issues with their skin and hair. Honey can be one solution to the problem. With milk and honey, the skin will be smoother and younger than ever. This is because honey is an excellent moisturizer. It can also be the solution for your dandruff and dry hair.

With all the nutrients present in honey, it is just like buying a complete food supplement. The major advantage of honey is that it is natural. There may also be no problems with the availability of honey are they are sold in groceries and in some pharmaceutical outlets.

Seniors should be drawn to making honey a daily habit like exercise. With all the benefits, their quality of life will surely improve. But before doing so, you should consult your doctor. It may interfere with some medications or recommended diet given to you. But for a healthy senior, honey will surely make you even healthier than ever.

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