11 Tips To Help Relieve Stress

It is natural in life that we have to go through difficult situations and struggle to overcome obstacles. For younger adults, they may have to face challenges before they can have rewarding jobs. Besides career, relationships and finances are issues that they have to face. In contrast, the main challenge of older adults can be their declining health and savings. Younger adults may be more capable to overcome the challenges that come their way. But for seniors, their coping mechanisms may have gone down with age. This can signal the onset of stress.

According to a study, American seniors from 67 y/o and above have the lowest stress levels as compared to younger generations. The common causes of stress in older adults include deteriorating health, increased dependence, dwindling finances, and loss of ability to do what they want. If stress is not managed, a lot of health conditions, such as weakened immunity, heart problems, and digestive issues, can arise.

But stress can be managed. This should be the goal of every senior out there who is undergoing some form of stress. Until stress is managed, it can only be the time that a senior can live a life of peace and contentment during his retirement years. Here are 11 tips to help relieve stress among seniors:

Tune in to an FM Station

Listening to music is always a relaxing experience. It does not have to be mellow or ballad. Just go for the music that you love listening to. If you love rock n’ roll, so be it. With an FM station, you can also hear the DJ communicate to listeners. That can help you relax as well.

Inhale, Exhale

Yes. We do that during exercises and you can do that too when you are stressed out. Taking deep breaths can lower your cortisol levels. When you are under prolonged stress, cortisol can derail your body to go back to its normal functioning. So inhale and exhale some more.

Entertain Distractions

Sometimes, you may feel that your mind just can’t handle more tasks that are coming your way. When you think that you just have had enough, get distracted for a while. Maybe it’s about time that you have new nail polish.

Pet the Puppy

Being around your pet is a powerful stress reliever. Do a belly rub on your dog that has been trying to get your attention. It will definitely raise your mood. But if you do not have a pet, watching dog and cat videos can be entertaining.

Glow With Plants

Amidst the pandemic, many people have found a new hobby, gardening. Indeed, gardening can be an enjoyable activity that can distract you from what is stressing you out. You can start with a few pots if you do not have a yard. Make an indoor garden of spices and herbs. When they grow, a sense of accomplishment will surely envelop you.

Make Use of Those Laugh Lines

Whether you know of a TV series that makes you laugh or a funny book you did not finish reading, this is the perfect time to watch and read them once again. When you start laughing or smiling, it is a good sign that you are beating the odds.

Bike Up the Hill

Whether you walk or bike up the hill near you, it will surely rejuvenate your spirits. Doing some exercises and physical activities are powerful ways to eliminate stress. You will surely have a good night’s sleep if you do this activity late in the afternoon.

Go Until the Woods

Being with nature can be so soothing to a stressed mind. The greens can be so calming to the eyes and the scent of fresh wood can be invigorating. Add to that the cool mountain breeze that touches your forehead. Indeed, communing with nature can be one of the best things that you can do when you are stressed out.

Act Otherwise

Trying to fake what you are feeling will increase your chances of making it through. This is because you will be mapping out ways that may benefit you in the end. You make fake your laugh initially but soon, you will be ready to do it wholeheartedly.

Skip the Inbox

You may not know what’s in your inbox until you open it. For sure, you know that your emails do not always contain good news.

Chew It Away

Do you know that chewing gums can lower your stress levels? This may be something new to you. All the while, you must have been using chewing gums to freshen your breath. Now it’s time to chew more gums as they have been shown to reduce cortisol in the body. That means you can get out of stress more quickly.

All these things are doable even to a senior like you. Start doing them as soon as possible to get your life back. It is not normal to be under stress. It is not the same for you when you are stressed. So, come on! Let’s get the ball rolling.

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