11 Destinations That Cater To Seniors

Just like everyone else, you might be itching to travel again. With all the restrictions we had undergone for more than a year, we ought to travel once again to bring back our sanity. Travel is good for everyone’s state of mind and body. Medical research has found out that traveling reduces the risks of depression and can benefit our brain and heart health.

This should be a reason to get vaccinated. Obviously, there is more leeway given to people who are vaccinated when it comes to travel. Some tourist destinations right now only accept those who are vaccinated. If not, you have to go through quarantine before you are allowed to enter.

When it comes to those over 65 years old, choosing the right traveling destination should consider factors like physical abilities, budget, and of course, interest. Here are our top 11 destinations that cater well to seniors:

The Caribbean

If you were an avid traveler during your younger years, you must have gone to the Caribbean. These islands located southwest of the US never fail to impress. Each island has its own charm which may not allow you to enjoy everything in a few days. The best way to have them all is to join a cruise through all the islands. The tropical sun, the majestic views, and a dip into the clear ocean water should reinvigorate your spirits once again.


A cruise to Alaska can be the best choice for seniors who want a longer cruise but do not have the luxury of time to prepare their travel documents. This most northern part of the US can be the best getaway for all of us who were through a lot of stress for the past year. A cruise through this state’s coastline is so relaxing with beckoning mountains and wildlife in the backdrop. The rich marine life is also a thing that should mesmerize you endlessly.

Machu Picchu

Located in Peru’s Andes region, this can be the ultimate travel destination for nature lovers. Nestled at a very high altitude, Machu Picchu offers an exhilarating view like no other. This travel option can also get you to see at close range one of the oldest known civilizations. There’s a lot of trekking here and you must be physically fit to take advantage of the chance to walk through centuries-old trails on this marvelous mountain getaway.


Thailand has become one of Asia’s top destinations. When in this predominantly Buddhist country, you get to see temples and floating markets. And if you are still strong enough to enjoy some nightlife, Bangkok has a lot to offer from bars to restaurants that offer authentic Thai cuisine. After the city, you can drive to the coasts where world-class resorts and white sand beaches await you.

South Africa

A trip to South Africa is like no other. It would surely be a real adventure going to open zoos of wildlife including elephants, lions, and other animals that you may have never encountered in your entire life. This can be excellent for older seniors as the whole adventure utilizes well-secured vehicles so that you can come in close proximity to all the animals.


If there is one state in the US that almost has it all when it comes to tourism, nothing comes close to Florida. It has a wide array of exciting activities waiting for you. For some, a sunny day on the beach can be enough for a vacation but a drive through the coastal towns to Key Biscayne can be a very enjoyable experience. Add to that the cultural experiences in St Augustine, the oldest European settlement in the Americas, and cuisine that includes an array of Spanish, Mexican, and Asian origins.

The Canadian Rockies

A segment of the Rocky Mountains that extend through British Columbia, a trip to this great outdoor will surely energize you. Trekking through steep trails must require a lot of physical agility which may not suit seniors with health issues. For older seniors, they can take the glass-domed carriages where they can have a spectacular view of mountain peaks, lakes, and streams.

US National Parks

There are 63 national parks scattered throughout the country and each has its own come-on. You may have to choose among these parks which suit you best. A wide array of activities can be done like trekking, swimming, camping, and many more. Indeed, the climate can be a big consideration here. Go south if you live north and vice versa. There’s a lot to discover in the national parks.


Portugal may be one of Europe’s smallest countries, but when it comes to tourist attractions, it has so many to speak of. You can enjoy its beaches, river cruises, and going around centuries-old villages. Indeed, there is no boring day in this country facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Visayas Islands, Philippines

With thousands of islands comprising this island group in the Philippines, it may be hard to choose one. But being adjacent with each other, a boat ride can take you to different islands. You can have a city life setting or experience one of its deserted white beaches. This island group is fast becoming a retirement haven for Westerners.


You may seem like you are leaving the US when boarding a plane to Hawaii. When in this island paradise in the center of the Pacific, there are many aquatic activities to do. And besides that, a land cruise through the islands will bring you to similar places because you must have seen most of these scenic spots in several movies. You will surely be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the islands.

Get vaccinated. It pays to travel after what we have gone through during this pandemic. Traveling will surely bring back your zest for life. All these beautiful places can be your inspiration to stray strong and healthy. For the next coming years, you can go to other places you have not been before.

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