10 Ways To Improve Your Vision

One of the adverse effects of aging that many seniors may have to go through is failing eyesight. Thanks to technology, some forms of eye problems can be remedied without having to go through some invasive procedures. These include glasses and contact lenses. But don’t you know that there can be holistic ways that may improve your eyesight without having to contend with those not-so-convenient wearables?

Indeed, many seniors may not be very comfortable with eyeglasses and contact lenses. They may also create more issues if they become so dependent on them. With increasing forgetfulness, it can be stressful for a senior to be always locating essential items like glasses and keys. You may add to that those broken eyepieces that were either seated on or dropped because of shaking hands or a weakened grip.

And did you ever notice that your glasses seem not to be working anymore and that you need another prescription? Undoubtedly, needing to have new glasses because you broke them or they just don’t work anymore adds to your inconvenience and expenses. If you are not happy about this, you should try these 10 proven ways that can naturally improve your vision:

Always Protect Your Eyes

Your eyes can be the most delicate exposed part of your body. This makes it very vulnerable to some damaging agents in the environment which can include chemical pollution, particles, blue lights, and the notorious UV rays. Protecting your eyes from the destructive effects of all of these is critical if you want to improve your eyesight.

Minimizing sun exposure and wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. You can also use anti-radiation glasses when in front of your computing devices. These will help you prevent macular degeneration.

Know Your Family History

Learning about your family vision history may not directly improve your eyesight but you may know what eye problems you are more predisposed with. If in your family tree, astigmatism seems to be the common problem, you may be able to know beforehand how to care for your eyes so as not to develop such eye disorder.

Avoid Eye Inflammation

Eye inflammation or uveitis can be indicative of a more serious eye condition, which can result in loss of vision and blindness. Be always wary of redness, blurry vision, pain, and abnormal sensitivity to light. If you experience all these, seeing a doctor should not be delayed. To protect your eyes from inflammation, refrain from touching your eyes with unwashed hands. You should also wear safety glasses when working with chemicals or in an industrial workplace.

Do Routine Exercises on Your Eyes

Physical exercises are also good for the eyes because they improve blood flow and can make the optic nerves healthy. But do you know that there are exercises that are meant for the eyes? Doing these exercises daily can help you avoid blurry vision, computer vision syndrome, and loss of peripheral vision. With just five minutes of eye exercises in the morning and another session in the evening, you can avail yourself of the most effective ways of improving your eyesight.

Quit Smoking

Smoking and drinking alcohol are two vices that can greatly affect your eyesight. With smoking, your eyes are exposed to inflammation and can also cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can slow down communication between the optic nerve and the brain, resulting in delayed perception. It can also cause redness which can be the cause of inflammation.

Enrich Diet with Antioxidants

You can get plenty of antioxidants from plant-based foods, including leafy greens and berries. Antioxidants attack free radicals present in the body that can cause cancer. Free radicals can also cause macular degeneration loss of vision.

Toss in More Carotenoids

Carotenoids are helpful for your eyes’ health, particularly the retina, which is the part of the eyes that receives light. This part of the eye is vulnerable to UV rays and blue light. With carotenoids, you can protect your eyes from cancer, inflammation, and other diseases.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Let’s admit it. Most of us touch our eyes unconsciously, and this could transmit germs to these delicate parts of your body. You should then keep your hands clean at all times. And as much as possible, avoid rubbing your eyes altogether.

Always Rest Your Eyes

Having a good night’s sleep is a way to rest your days. You should have noticed your eyes if you had sleepless nights. During the day, always try to rest your eyes, especially if you work in front of your computer for long hours. Putting on an eye mask will help. Giving your eyes some rest can be one of the first things to do to be able to improve your eyesight.

Indeed, with failing eyesight, you may be deprived of seeing the most beautiful things around you. Besides that, it surely makes you less productive as it can interfere with your activities of daily living. Improve your eyesight naturally and you will feel better about yourself. You may also not need to look your age.

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